C.U.P.S. (Citrus Under Protective Screen)

C.U.P.S. (Citrus Under Protective Screen)

C.U.P.S. is a new growing system that yields the highest quality citrus using precise agriculture inputs while minimizing the amount of fertilizer, water and pesticides.

This system is environmental friendly and preserves natural resources. C.U.P.S. maximizes our yields and produces the finest in fresh Florida citrus from our grove to your household.

“Grown Better. Taste Better.”

Benefits of the C.U.P.S. growing system include:

  • Fewer pesticides
  • Better utilization of water
  • Protects our natural resources
  • Produces better fruit quality and taste (higher brix)
  • Food safety compliant
  • Grown locally in Central Florida

For more information, please contact Florida Classic sales at 863-438-2200.

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